Past Winners

Fluent by  Chuck Smith
Fluent by Chuck Smith

Northern Arizona Showcase 2018:
Alice in Lumbersland by Howard Dallin
The Baby Monitor by Laurel Morales
Between the Reeds by Jacob Gordner
Carton of Mistys by Kelli Lynn Woodend
Fluent by Chuck Smith
Kill Your Husband, Inc. by David James
Moonrock  by Stewart L. Weisman
Waiting Game by Will Cordeiro
High School Winner:
Kiss the Rain by Jeffrey Vernier

Northern Arizona Showcase 2017:
“Apogee” by Will Cordeiro, Flagstaff
“John Roxton and the Callous Murder of Goddamn Bigfoot” by James Alegre—Flagstaff/Virginia
“Liberty’s Honeymoon” by Ethan Warren, North Carolina
“Loglines” by Dan Borengasser, Arkansas
“Nectar” by Sasha Stewart Miller, California
“Passing Ships” by Lea Parker, Flagstaff
“Resist the Crisp” by Ethan Warren, North Carolina
“Slammed” by Jim Kitchens, Florida
“They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Mary Tolan, Flagstaff
“Waiting” by Jean Blasiar, California

Northern Arizona Showcase 2016

A Team Building Exercise–Tom Marcinko (Flagstaff)
Her Worst Enemy–David Carkeet (Vermont)
Paper Planes–Michael Pisaturo (Rhode Island)
Seeing is Believing–Dan Borengasser (Arkansas)
Adulation–Rosemary Zibart (Santa Fe)
Bootstraps–Paul McCormick (California)
Cooley’s Reel–Madeline Puccioni (Oakland)

Northern Arizona Showcase 2015

2015 Showcase on YouTube

“In The Green Room” by Jane Armstrong
“Squire’s Tale” by Jim Collette
“Wonder Girl vs. Christopher the Amazing” by Shaun El Ters
“Tombstone” by Seth Freeman
“How Convenient” by John LaBarbera
“Separation Creek” by Seth Muller
“The Real Deal” by Keene Short
“A Flip of the Coin” by Ben Vining (winner of the high school competition)

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Northern Arizona Showcase 2014

2014 Showcase on Youtube

“Sex on the Beach” by Brian Rogers
“Morons” by William Baer
“Croak” by Jim Collette
“Sports Psychology” by Doug McGlothlin
“Reservations” by Jeffry Fisher-Smith
“Office Hours” by Bryan Harnetiaux
“Nevermore” by Kat Meads

Northern Arizona Showcase 2013
“The Third Person” by Dan Borengasser
The Third Person

“Deadman’s Lunch” by Jesse Sensibar
Dead Man’s Lunch
“Haggis and Hummus” by Jill Gittleman
Haggis and Hummus
“Revolutions of Everyday Life” by John Kitchens
Revolutions of Everyday Life
“Onesentence” by Jane Ross
“One Last Task” by Larry Hendricks
One Last Task
“Jumping In” by Seth Freeman
Jumping In

Northern Arizona Showcase 2012
“The Short List” by John Abrahamsen
“The History of Art Criticism” by Daniel Curzon
“The High Road” by Seth Freeman
“Snip” by Doug McGlothlin
“Home” by Kerri Quinn
“Student Teacher” by Bob Reynolds
“Store For Men” by Mary Tolan

Northern Arizona Showcase 2011
“Hamlet’s Going Away Party” by Brian Anderson
“Still Life” by Ann Beck
“Lost Chance Reclamation Department” by Robert Keegan
“Full Service” by Robert Keegan
“The Completely Nonsensical Sky” by Seth Muller
“A Shift in Climate” by Max Shanley
“My Guardian Dear” by Tanner Stuff

Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase 2010
“F5″ by John Abrahamsen
“Patchwork” by Jill Gittleman
“Pitching Harvey”: By Sue Hockerman
“Danny Martin” by David Lewis
“Let’s Call It Even” by Brianna Potts
“Comical” by Danielle Reynolds
“Unbirthday” by Brooke Wonders

2010 Program (pdf)

Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase 2009
“Strangers” by Benjamin Bird
“Inescapable” by Chelsea Bentley
“Head Space” by Patty Petelin
“Tangents” by Daniel Sanders
“A Friend in Need” by John Abrahamsen
“I Want, You Must” by Kyril Nockideneh
“Something Else in Mind” by Annie Falor

2009 Program (pdf)

Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase 2008
“Dorothy Parker” by Mare Schumacher
“Movie Alley” by E. R. Triste
“Blink” by David Robert Boyce
“Pork Belly Futures” by Sandra Raymond
“Intelligent Design” by Molly Olguin
“Kittens and Colors” by Katherine LaRue
“Hoodwinked” by Bob Reynolds

2008 Program (pdf)

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