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Printed Campaign Materials

While signs are great for building and maintaining top-of-mind recognition they do not present an opportunity to establish and explain your platform and show endorsements.

Whether meeting voters in small groups, visiting one-on-one, or leaving materials behind, printed materials provide you the opportunity to seek voter support by presenting platform  positions and philosophies concerning both current and future issues. By leaving printed campaign materials behind voters can review your position and reinforce their commitment to vote.

Content and Format

Your printed materials should focus on important issues and should be presented in clear, concise statements. Printed materials should include ways for potential voters to obtain more information and to contact the campaign for more clarification.

While door hangers are convenient when going door to door you might consider using a "post card" format. In general they cost less and are more versatile. It is easy to place a post card in a doorway or they can be attached to a door handle using hole punch and a rubber band.

The Print Raven can help you to layout and print effective campaign material. Call us at (928) 773-1105 or visit us to get started. We will discuss your goals, ask some questions, and help select the appropriate materials for you.